Privacy policy


The purpose of this policy is to let users of (the Site) know when we collect personal information and what we do with it.

We do not use, share or transfer personal information in connection with the Site except as set out in this policy.

The NZ Navigator initiative only collects that information which is required to support community organisations in New Zealand in their capacity building work and to assess the overall performance of the community and voluntary sector.

We ensure security by keeping data safe from unauthorised access and use, and guarantee confidentiality by never releasing information that can identify individuals or organisations.


In order to complete the NZ Navigator tool, organisations are required to register. During the process of registration, you will supply an e-mail address which then becomes your username each time you access the Tool. The organisation will be sent a reminder email to this email address twelve months after each assessment is completed to prompt your organisation to repeat the self-assessment. 

The process of registration creates a unique ID for your organisation. This ID protects the identity of each organisation and means that you can complete further assessments and then compare these new assessments to your previous assessments. The unique ID also enables some high-level, statistical reports to be generated by the NZ Navigator Trust. These reports are based on aggregated data and do not identify any individual organisations.

Information collection and use

The information that is provided by you and other participants about the performance of your individual organisation is only accessible to your organisation's nominated users (in a collated form for multiple participant assessments) and the database administrator. No other agency, including the NZ Navigator Trust, can identify and view your organisation’s information without your express permission.

Registered organisational users do not have access to any individual participant's responses or the email addresses these individuals may choose to provide.

Your organisation’s information may be combined with others, completely anonymously, in order to generate high-level statistical information and for benchmarking.

The characteristics of your organisation (ie, size, type and geographical coverage) that you supply when you register with NZ Navigator are used to help generate meaningful groupings of organisations for statistical purposes.

These statistical reports are produced on a regular basis by the NZ Navigator Trust, who have an interest in assessing the overall performance of community organisations in New Zealand as well as supporting them in their capacity building work.

We may contact you on an infrequent basis to invite you to participate in an evaluation of the tool, or to let you know about updates to the tool. 


NZ Navigator uses one session ‘cookie’, a small piece of information that is created when you log in and which is stored temporarily. This cookie contains a key that references your current session on the server and lets us verify that each request you send is from the same person that logged in.

Although you can activate a setting in your internet browser that will refuse to accept cookies, if you have this setting selected you won’t be able to use the NZ Navigator tool. You can get instructions on how to access our site, change your internet browser privacy and security settings so that you are able to accept cookies in the ‘help’ section of your browser. Our session cookie is removed as soon as you close your browser.

If you select "Keep me signed in for 30 days" when signing in, two persistent cookies are set to identify you over multiple independent sessions.

Website analytics

Google Analytics is used to understand how visitors engage with the Site. NZ Navigator does not transfer personal information to this third-party vendor.

Data Security

All information you provide to NZ Navigator is stored on secure servers and we use best-practice network and security tools and practices to protect the information that you provide. You are individually responsible for keeping your password confidential and we ask you not to share your password with anyone else.

The internet and links to other websites

Please be aware that communications over the internet are not secure unless they have been encrypted. If you choose to follow links to suggested resources, please note that these websites will have their own privacy policies. NZ Navigator cannot accept any responsibility or liability for these third parties and suggest that you check carefully before submitting any personal data to other websites.

Access to your information

The Privacy Act 2020 gives you the right to access and correct personal/organisational information that is held by us. More information is available through the Privacy Commissioner.

Your information is held securely and will not be disclosed by NZ Navigator to any other person or organisation unless authorised by you. NZ Navigator will not, at any time, use the information that you supply for any marketing purposes.

We treat your privacy seriously. If you have concerns about your use of this site, please contact us by email -


NZ Navigator Trust may revise this Privacy Policy at any time.


If you have any questions, please contact us: